Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mommy Day!

Saturday, Spencer and I celebrated Mommy Day.  Since I will be on bed rest for a bit and then have limited activity for a while following my surgery, we dedicated Saturday to doing a day full of things that Spencer wanted to do. 
  • We started the day with breakfast at Biscuitville. 
  • Then we spent a few hours playing at the Natural Science Center of Greensboro. 
  • Then we went to Gymboree and Spencer got some new clothes (which at first he said he wanted to do, then once we got there he quickly wanted to strike this from our Mommy Day agenda!)
  • Then we went to Toys R Us for Pokémon cards and a Planet 51 DVD.
  • After toy shopping, we went to Olive Garden (his choice) for a late lunch.  He ordered all his favorites plus we had enough leftovers for dinner! And the little goober ordered a takeout bottle of their salad dressing because it is "his new favorite." 
  • After eating, we stopped at a petstore and Spencer picked out new doggie toys and treats for Bowser.
  • Then we stopped at Krispy Kreme for hot doughnuts.
  • Then we stopped at Game Stop and preordered the new Pokémon game.
  • Then...finally...back home to pop some popcorn, watch Planet 51, snack on Olive Garden leftovers and snuggle on the couch!
Pretty good day together, dontcha think?


Anna Ruth said...

What a wonderful day spent together. We will be thinking about you on Tuesday.

Amy said...

Snort. Love the Gymboree pic. I've been wondering about you. Hope all goes well and you rest easy!

Patti H said...

sounds like a great day.

Anonymous said...

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Cheri Pryor said...

Been thinking of you...hoping your recovery is going well and that this is the LAST of all that stuff. Looks like your day with Spencer was super fantastic. Why do boys have such aversions to clothes once they hit the store? lol!!