Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Silly, Loving Spencer

Part of Spencer's homework tonight required him to write a poem-- so here is his first poem ever---

Seasons by Spencer Alderin

I like the Spring
Because I like to sing
I like the Summer
But the heat is a bummer
I like the Fall
Because my mom takes me to the mall
I like the Winter
Because I don't get splinters.

Where else are you going to rhyme winter and splinters??? My son...the Poet Laureate of Trinity, North Carolina-- haha.

Spencer was being silly tonight and showed off his muscles after his shower-- the kid cracks me up!

And lastly, Spencer gave me a poster he made to hang up in the hospital room after my upcoming surgery. I nearly teared up when he was showing me the flowers and hearts and the extra touches he added. Check out that suh-weet looking purple dress and green shoes I am rocking in the picture he drew---oh yeah, I got it going on!!
He is such a little sweetie-- I am a lucky Mommy!


lydia eve said...

Love it! That get well poster is awesome. :)

Mama Laura said...

I think that dress is Duke blue. Just sayin'.

Patti H said...

what a sweet boy you are raising to be a good husband some day!

Cheri Pryor said...

Awww! He is a sweetie for sure. You are raising a super one, Cassandra!

Our little family said...

Ah, he is so sweet.

His future wife will thank you for raising such a kind hearted man.