Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reviews, Dues, and Disney Plans, too!

Will and I celebrated the one week anniversary of our engagement with dinner at Emerywood Fine Foods this past weekend.  I worded it "one week anniversary" for a reason...hold that thought...

Dinner was nice. Notice I didn't say exceptional.  Their lunches/sandwiches are great, this was my first time having dinner there. Our salads and soup were very good. The chef sent out a honeydew mousse with basil oil and goat cheese to cleanse the palette between the soup and salad course and the entree; however, the mousse was not cold enough so it was bland and left a slightly oily residue on the tongue. Quite the opposite of palette cleansing.
Will got the Blackened Filet, glazed Asparagus, Bleu Mashed Red Potatoes. I got the Grilled Chicken Paillard with Goat Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes, Basil Orzo, and Snow Peas in a Balsamic Reduction.  Both entrees were good, but neither were the type that we would go back and order again--which is disappointing, because a special dinner out should be...well, special. The waitress said she "heard" it was our anniversary and offered us free dessert. Uhmm...okay. We think she confused us with another table, but once Will heard the words "Crème Brulée" he totally shot me the "oh hell yeah it IS our anniversary" look and we enjoyed a free dessert on our special evening.

Spencer and IV started their Challenge League Soccer team practices this past week. This is quite an adjustment from the Saturday YMCA league I am used to seeing.  The dues are high, the travel expenses, the uniform costs, begging for sponsors, the heat, the camps, the skills workshops, the tournaments....wow.  Now I know why soccer moms are always bitchy and drive big SUVs.  Because they freakin LIVE IN THEIR CARS!!
But, the kids look good and I think this is going to be good for the boys! Our first tournament is in July.  The boys will be in Sky Blue uniforms and I will be in a melted puddle of angst and heat stroke....

We had already scheduled our next family Disney trip; but we finally had the family meeting where we nailed down dates, tickets, when/where, mapped the parks, checked on shows, dinners, parking, accommodations, rides, schedules, etc.  IT IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC! 
Will and Joe will be with us. Joe has NEVER been to Disney and Will hasn't been since he was a kid--so they will enjoy it even more than we will.
Spencer and IV are finally over 54 inches tall and can ride all the cool rides. Plus the kids are old enough to enjoy more than Mickey and Donald...they are looking forward to the fun stuff at all the Disney Parks and Universal Studios like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Dr. Doom, Spiderman, Space Mountain, Test Track, Tower of Terror, Jaws, MIB, etc. 
Now, we just have to wait a few months for our trip...and save money....

I loved the Disney campaign for the Star Wars promotion-- Too cute!  Our boys are going to have a blast!


Patti H said...

I have said it before and will say it again. I wanna be you! YOu always have the most fun!!

Paula... said...

I hear your pain regarding the soccer expenses and travel - believe me Laura and her horse/events are becoming more and more frequent. The uniform and all the horse gear alone have sent me back to work :-P

Oooh I'm so jealous about Disneyland - can I live precariously through you?