Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hello July, let me welcome you with a dose of crazy...

Check out this little punk:

For the greater part of the afternoon, this little bird sat on the window sill at my home office and chirped and sang so loudly that I had to mute my conference line.  At first I thought it was cute...but look at him.  He has a mafia look and attitude..and his tweets were loud and obnoxious.  He strutted back and forth along the window, scowling,  like I owed him money or something.....

It was difficult to choose a picture from the evening Will proposed because the ones that seemed to tell the "story" the best weren't exactly the most photogenic; however, I narrowed it down to two and I am trying them out in a frame in the living room to see which one gives me a warm fuzzy when I look at it.  So far, they both do.  That's good news.

I'm enjoying the color changing properties of the Alexandrite in my engagement ring.  It goes from the beautiful greenish blue (like the Caribbean waters) to deep purple, red, raspberry, confederate blue, emerald green, bright blue...I jokingly say it is like having a mood ring.

I wanted to show Will pictures of all the color changes, especially in incandescent light, so I took some photos in variable light sources. I used candlelight in a dark room and no flash and captured the purple; however, the stone appeared to show something else as well...

Check out the purple on the top left and the blue on the bottom right--can you see it?

Look at the bottom right again enhanced:

Do you see the upper torso of a man?  hands on his hips...I swear it looks like Will.  Freaky?  yeah...but I like it ☺


Paula... said...

WOW that ring is stunning! I love that it changes colour :)

Congrats again - you deserve every happiness in the world.


gab423 said...

Awww...big congrats to you, Cass!!!! How exciting!!!! :)

Carrie said...

Congratulations Cass! I am so excited for you!