Friday, July 09, 2010

So ugly she's cute?

Will's little chi-weenie, Lacie, is so different from Bowser.
Bowser is ALWAYS ready to play and love...Lacie is temperamental and likes her nap time.
Never and I mean NEVER bother her when she has retired to her crate for a nap!
Bowser routinely offers you his big, meaty paw...Lacie is more of a face licker. Consider this your only warning because her tongue has considerable reach.
Bowser will lay anywhere....Lacie likes to build forts out of the pillows on the sofa or burrow down in covers.
This past weekend, Lacie needed some "alone time" away from Bowser...and possibly Spencer...and I found her burrowed in my fresh sheets!!!


Paula... said...

Ahhh sorry cute is definitely not a word I'd use - she looks likes she's pouting LOL

Yankee said...

Maybe it's because yellow is not her color.

Anonymous said...

NOPE, no cute there, just fugly

Cheri Pryor said...

Tilly is JUST like that. It's a chihuahua thing.

Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure she is adorable to Will. lol!!

LesleMora said...

I thought my mama's chihuahua was ugly . . . until now. =:-o