Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deck the Halls with Shin Guards and To Do Lists

Even though I am trying to keep everything caught up at work, get my holiday shopping, wrapping and baking done and attend all the fun social events of the season, our schedules are still saturated with soccer.
Melissa coaches two teams (boys), a girls indoor team and she plays on an adult team. That's a lot of soccer!

This past weekend, Spencer's team lost to a really good team.  It was a very aggressive game--Spencer left the field with big, nasty bruises.  I didn't like that at all :(

The adult team was fun to watch-- my ex-in-laws played, too. The other team was short a few players and they recruited my ex-brother-in-law. Will "could" have played  but Scott was doing such a fine job...and Will had just eaten a huge dinner he stayed on the bench in the Amen section with the rest of us.
My nieces are current scholarship soccer athletes, so they were our "ringers." Melissa did a great job in goal and our friend, Jason, managed to score several times and frustrate one of their players into a yellow card.  We cheered...and was fun!

Now ...I have shopping to finish, cookies to bake, mobile meals to deliver, parties to attend, friends and family to visit...  The two weeks before Christmas has so much energy and excitement. I love this time of year!

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