Monday, December 06, 2010

Girls Weekend Away: Myrtle Beach

I took Friday off and four of us (it was supposed to be 5-- we missed you Dee!) headed to Myrtle Beach for a relaxing weekend of holiday shopping. We arrived late Friday afternoon, shopped at the outlets and then had dinner at Dixie Stampede.  Their Christmas show was fantastic!  This is their last season in Myrtle Beach-- at the end of the year they are closing and re-opening in June with a Pirate theme.  The boys should love it!
Saturday was dedicated to the Arts and Crafts show at Springmaid Beach Resort.  Luckily, this is where we stayed as well so we could take our purchases back to the room and keep on shopping all day! Even though it was chilly at the beach, it was still sunny as we kept getting weather updates from home and pictures of our families playing in the first snowfall of the season!
We shopped  our way to Fiesta Del Burro Loco for dinner and closed out Saturday with even more shopping.  By checkout on Sunday, we had to play one mean game of Tetris with the luggage and packages to get everything to fit in the car and still have room enough for us to get our seatbelts buckled! So we didn't miss Dee quite as much at that moment (ha ha) but we would have made it if she could have joined us!
The good news is that my Christmas shopping is about 75% done!

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Patti H said...

oh so fun. we were suppose to go to Myrtle Beach over the holidays but once again we had to cancel and most this time due to John and what happened to him last week. So happy to hear you are almost done your shopping!