Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pass the Grey Poupon

I was making the grocery list and I asked Spencer if there was anything special he wanted.

His response?  Caviar.

Excuse me? Did you say Caviar???? I was expecting him to say Frosted Mini Wheats or Fruit Roll-Ups...maybe an Asian Pear..but not Caviar???

He said he saw it on TV and he wants to try it. I told him it was eggs... and very expensive and I have never even tried it.  He then said we should BOTH try it.  Again, I told him it was expensive and not even available at our local grocery store. He agreed he probably wouldn't like it--but he still wants to try it and wants me to get him some when I can buy a small amount to try.

Later that night I got to thinking...what kind of TV shows is my kid watching that has caviar looking yummy to a 10 year old???


Brenda said...

it isn't so much the TV programs as it is the requirements, desires and needs located in his taste buds, how many other brats his age eat and want the things he does and gets? Nana will come through for him, he is SPOILED you know

Leslie said...

I didn't pay attention to the price but I did see it at our local Italian grocery store. Years ago I would have thought ewwwww...but now after seeing movies and certain cooking shows I wouldn't turn my nose up so quickly if it was there to try I guess.

Patti H said...

You should be so lucky that at his age he would actually even think about trying it LOL

Cheri Pryor said...

I think you should just buy some fish eggs at the local bait shop then put them in some fancy jar. He will never know the difference since he didn't know what they were to begin with.