Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ending the school year

Today was the last day of school and the final awards day.

Spencer got several awards-- Straight As for the semester, Straight As for the entire school year, Student Council Vice President, GO FAR, Perfect Attendance for the Last Nine Weeks..... I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!

IV got straight As for the entire year and was voted Bulldog of the Year by his class.  He was so cute when they announced his name--he practically sprinted to the stage!  Now if we can only get him to run that fast on the soccer field....
Spencer's best friend and fellow Thunderbolt, Jordan,  won Bulldog of the year for his class, too!  Spencer won last year and STILL loves his trophy so I know IV and Jordan will enjoy this honor all summer long!


Patti H said...

way to go boys!! Straight A's WOO HOO

Paula... said...

Congratulations boys - you've done exceptionally well :) We're on our winter school break at the moment, not good weather to do much at all :( Mind you Laura is out with her horse rain, hail or shine!