Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Don't pay the ransom.....

I'm here!

Yes, I know, my blogging has been slack for the last few months--but hold the newlywed jokes.
Bank of America has owned my soul for the past 3 months on a project that has has had more things go wrong than in my entire 19 years with the company combined.  I have been working long hours--nights, weekends, holidays -- and Spencer wants his Mom back, Will wants his wife and even Bowser has brought me his leash on a few occasions as if to say, "Hey...remember this? We USED to go for walks each day. Now get off your fat ass and lets go!"

Hopefully Independence Day marks freedom from that project as well.  It *should* be normal hours from here on out! Just in time to whine and bitch about how it is too hot to do anything outside....

Since I haven't blogged in a while--- here's a quick update.

We celebrated Father's Day and my Birthday a couple of weekends ago:

Boppa got lots of fun gifts. A gift card to a country ham store (his favorite, his cardiologist...not so much) and some very special antique pocket knife letter openers for his collection.

Will got a new hammer. I am resisting making a Thor joke here.
Will also got goodies (Red Velvet Cake Balls) and the TICK on DVD---a very funny series, by the way.

Somehow balanced in with all the work I managed to have a few dinners with the family, take Spencer to see CARS 2 (very cute movie) and I taught crafts every night at Vacation Bible School at our church and had a WONDERFUL time with the kids! We made spin art with marbles, we painted hot rocks by melting crayons and making VBS medallions, we decorated fake guitars and we made rhythm sticks-- VBS ROCKS was a great theme for crafts!  Of course I can't show other peoples' kids on my blog but look at how cute Spencer, IV and Jordan are and how good their crafts turned out:

Our 4th of July was calm -- dinner with parents, rented movies, small house projects, etc.  (by the way--DON'T see Sucker Punch -- Suck is the keyword on that one!) Joe was on vacation with other family and Spencer was off camping with other family. So we had a 3-day, kid-free  weekend to do nothing---just relax. It was perfect!

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Paula... said...

I'm right there with you on the blogging front - I've been extremely slack and time poor myself over the past couple of months. Our lives seem to be taken over with horses, horse events and Pony Club committee meetings, fundraising etc. etc.