Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Second Verse..Same as the First

I got another letter from Camp today.  The good news is that Spencer AT LEAST signed this one.  The bad news is that "envelope addressing skills" is obviously not on the punch card of camp activities. Spencer sounds a few degrees above morosely homesick but still...for the amount of $$$ I am paying for this camp would it hurt the little bugger to even hint that he is having fun??

I checked the agenda and tonight is their camp-out.  Just the boys, their sleeping bags, a campfire and the wide, starry night sky -- no tents, all nature. That should be punishment enough for improper envelope addressing, right?
(Obviously I am NOT a go-camping Mommy!)

Most of you know I work from home.  As I was dialing into to an important conference call, I could hear Bowser rooting around in the dirty clothes basket I had placed at the steps to take down to the laundry room.  The next thing I know, his little snout pushed through the door and he was carrying Spencer's dirty Star Wars T-shirt.  
He brought it to me and laid it in my lap.  I had to hit the mute button on my headset and take a deep breath to keep from tearing up.  
Poor lil' Bowser misses his boy, too.  
For the next few hours, Bowser slept with the T-shirt.  How sweet is that?  He looks really angry in this picture but I had just woken him up with my flash (ooops!)


Paula... said...

Awww that is so darned adorable! Looks like everyone is missing each other. As for the envelope addressing - it's such a sign of the times isn't it! I remember Laura (at 13) was pretty hopeless also - I got her to start addressing her competition entries etc. so that she would learn. I know they wouldn't have a clue how to set out a proper letter!!

Lesle Alvarado said...

I love the picture of Bowser. That is sooo sweet.

Patti H said...

omg I love that letter and envelope. Is this his fist time away at camp?