Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Less Rock N Roll...More Like Easy Listening

Laura and I had a Girls Night Out last night. In the past, GNO meant wild nights, crazy pictures to be deleted and usually one of us ended up with a new stalker....

But last night's GNO was so mature I bet folks barely recognized us. We started out at Sephora, where we modestly purchased needed items, then continued shopping until hunger pains sent us for a late dinner.  We chose an old tavern near Elon College that Laura used to hang out at years ago...but it had changed to a more family atmosphere and THEY HAD DRAINED THEIR TAPS for vacation. Luckily Malibu Barbie our waitress said they at least had bottled beer, so that and $5.00 worth of hummus appetizer made things right while we swapped husband stories, exotic vacation wish lists and the occasional suggestion of being reincarnated as Bradley Cooper's cargo pants.

I love this picture of Laura showing off our new key ring blood-alcohol breathalizer (just for fun) and we are totally oblivious to the creepy guy in the background.  We were in our own little world with dirrrrrrty mad libs (again...just for fun), and relishing in "damn it feels good just to be out of the house without the kids."
When's our next date night?


Mama Laura said...

I didn't even notice that guy last night--we were in our own little bubble :). As for the next date night, just let me know. I have discovered an upscale Chinese restaurant in Winston with lettuce wraps that rival PF Changs--without the wait! :)

Paula... said...

I don't know what I'd do with girls nights out or girls weekends away for the matter - it's what keeps me sane :)