Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Busy Month!

So many fun things happen in December...Let me see if I can do a quick recap of what happened so far...

  • Spencer played the hand chimes in the Children's Choir program
  • I went to Myrtle Beach with Mom and Dee for a shopping weekend
  • Boppa, Spencer and IV were in the Trinity / Archdale parade again this year and enjoyed waving and tossing candy from Boppa's mustang.

We also started the indoor soccer season.  The only difference this year is that Will is playing on Melissa's over-30 team.  He hasn't played soccer since high school so that first game really kicked his old hiney. The past few weeks have been a smattering of analgesic gels, pain killers, ice packs and neoprene braces.  And that's only two games into the season! 
To get statistical, Will has scored 1 goal but has 17 pulled muscles, a swollen knee, a sprained ankle and big ol' ball imprint on his gut:

And if you think that is bad....check out Melissa's injury:

And yes, she was wearing good goalie gloves when it happened!  

Several of our players have injuries as well--- this is going to be one helluva season!


Paula... said...

OUCH OUCH and OUCH - poor Will, he sure is in the wars LOL

Burdie said...

Where's the NSFW tag?? I didn't know there would be gratuitous nudity on this site!!!!