Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet Galaxy!

We decided we were ready to get a new kitty so we made several (well, it was three) attempts to go through the Greensboro Feral Adoption and Rescue folks.  None of which were successful.  We are a good family, nice house, good relationship with our vet, healthy environment, replacing a well taken care of kitty who died of old age....yet, we couldn't get anyone to call us back and/or let us physically visit with the cats available.

So I called the Randolph County Animal shelter.  They had several cats and kittens there ready to forever-homes and the person who answered the phone was INCREDIBLY helpful and immediately invited us for a play date with the pets.  I had looked online at the available pets and fell in love with a little orange kitten.

We all HATED HATED HATED the shelter.  God bless those people who can work there without going home in tears everyday.  It was such a tough place to visit.
When we got there, we asked to play with the orange kitty...but he ignored Spencer.  And seemed very skittish.  We have two dogs in the house so we knew our new kitty had to have some gusto.  We played with about 12 cats/kittens and kept going back to the gray/orange/cream fluff ball they called Dasher.  And Dash is what she did-- all around us! When she was back in the cage, she would climb to the top of the door and yell LOUDLY for attention.
I was still looking at the little orange one when it dawned on me that Spencer is 11 years old and has NEVER gotten to pick his own pet.  So I gave him the deciding vote---and Dasher became Galaxy and a few minutes and a few signatures later, she was Trinity bound for a lifetime of love and spoiling.

And girls, isn't a man extra sexy if he is strong enough to take care of his family, but gentle enough to love on a tiny kitten???

Little Galaxy has LOTS of toys but prefers bits of scrap paper.  She loves her kitty condo and sleeps at the very top.  She eats too much and has a little round tummy now and she can hold her own around Lacie and Bowser--she is a perfect fit for our home.
By the way, Spencer named Galaxy for two reasons:  LA Galaxy is the name of one of his favorite soccer teams and instead of the "LA" in LA Galaxy standing for Los Angeles, he said it stands for Linthicum - Alderin. Sweet, huh?


Rhonda said...

Galaxy and Spencer look quite smitten with each other - what a lucky kitty and young man! Merry Christmas, Cassandra!

Our little family said...

Ahh, how totally cute!

Paula... said...

OMGoodness he is sooooo cute :) I'm so glad you were able to give this little kitty a good home forever :)))

Burdie said...

Trying. To. Refrain. Iwannacommentsobadly!!!!!! :)