Monday, February 13, 2012

My Funny Little Valentine

We worked on Spencer's Valentines this weekend.  Since this is his last year in elementary school, I assume this will be the last year he does Class Valentines. sad!
Spencer thinks Valentine's Day is lame and embarrassing.  He is an 11 year old boy.  He thinks EVERYTHING is lame and embarrassing. He didn't want any froo-froo Valentines so out of the million I pinned on Pinterest for him to look through....he liked the CRUSH Valentine the best:

I put text on a pensive looking picture of Spencer that says "The best Valentine's CRUSH is the kind you drink!" and made it into a can label.  Each can has a To/From tag tied to the tab...and... Ta Da!-- a non-lame Valentine with a sweet can of Cherry Crush to chug---YUM!

Speaking of Spencer.....
He came to me over the weekend and said, "Mom, there is a kid in my class named D___.  He acts kind of strange and all the kids make fun of him. I have been telling the teacher when other kids are mean to him and I try to sit with him when everyone avoids him but it isn't getting better for him. I think he is poor because of his clothes and all. Can I have some money to send him a Valentine Gram?"

I nearly cried. Of course you can have money to send him a surprise (The school sells Valentine Grams for 50 cents each as a fundraiser.) And Spencer and I talked about what else he can do to keep D___ from being bullied/neglected/picked on.  It absolutely broke my heart but at the same time I was proud of Spencer for stepping up.

Spencer is a straight A student, has tons of friends, active at church, a leader on the soccer field, has won so many awards in the past few years that I am out of space to display them....but NOTHING has made me prouder than things like this that tell me I AM RAISING A GOOD KID. I am so proud of this little guy!


Anonymous said...

This is great, Cassandra! I pinned this one too, but in the end I was too dang lazy to do anything special. LOL. I have SUCH good intentions. The problem is finding the time to carry through with them! Good for you...and for Spencer! -Amy Whittington

lydia eve said...

Love this story of your kind boy!

Unknown said...

What a nice young man you're raising

Robyn said...

You have a great kid! I liked the Crush valentines!

Yankee said...

Wow, you have an amazing young man there.