Monday, February 13, 2012

You make me waff and waff....

Will and I have bath crayons in our shower and we leave each other messages on the shower wall.  Most of the time they are just cute love notes, sometimes reminders for that day....and when the kids are away for the weekend, they are....(ahem!)

Anyway,  we are excited about the cruise we are taking in celebration of our upcoming one year anniversary so I left Will a little reminder message on the shower wall that our trip is approaching.
It looked like this:

Then, for some unknown reason, Spencer showered in our bathroom and left this message in response:

My little cutie assumed it was lemonade and fruit and not the famed cruise ship "Drink of the Day"!
It made me laugh...Especially the little picture of himself reclining in a lido deck chair chugging some "lemanade"

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