Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mom, I miss the blog.

Spencer said, "Mom.  I miss the blog."

Well okay buddy-- let's fire this bad boy back up!

We had a busy weekend but managed to find time to go to the local Bush Hill festival. Years ago, we went to the festival and I would pay stupid amounts of money so Spencer could ride all the kiddie rides. This year I paid stupid amounts of money for Spencer to eat.  That kid had a fresh-squeezed lemonade, a smoked chicken sandwich, a funnel cake, a snow-cone....and would have kept eating!

The people watching was hilarious. I think a man would adjust himself while standing in front of the Queen of England. Normally, I ignore it--but when a man adjusts his sackage, then reaches out--with the same hand-- to give me a sweaty ball scented flier about his church...yeah I'm gonna have to pass on that one. Gross.

We also went apple picking this weekend and then I made a big batch of apple butter! Yummy! I love apple picking but I am terrified of snakes---and snakes LOVE a dadburn apple tree.  Luckily I got 10 pounds  of apples for $7.50 and not one snake was seen!

Last weekend, we took the boys to see the Blue Man Group.  They LOVED IT!  I have seen them twice in Vegas, but this was a first for Will, Spencer and Joe.  It was definitely one of our best family outings!

Spencer went camping with Jimmy, Melissa, IV and Boppa on Labor Day weekend.  He had so much fun he forgot to call and check in with his momma the entire weekend  :boooo:  Brat!

Spencer stared 7th grade last month.  I know what you're thinking...how can Spencer be in 7th grade when his Mom is so young... hahahahahah   :heavy sigh:

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Brenda said...

blog fired back up 9/17 and now 11/8 the ashes are stone cold. Your Dad taught you to build fires better than this, rekindle those old flames, I miss the blog too