Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday! We are celebrating with a group dinner at Chilis tonight. We gave him a couple of Petty autographed items we won at the auction from the FCA banquet last night!

We went to another Carolina Kid's Club Event this past Sunday. I was so worried about bundling up in the cold that it never dawned on me that we would be sitting in direct sun and 55 degrees. I actually got sun burned. My skin is so fair! Spencer and Toby were fine and Spencer has a new found love for Lacrosse. We spent the rest of Saturday shopping in Chapel Hill. I tell ya-- I could spend all afternoon in A Southern Season!

Spencer's Snowplowing (ice skating) lessons ended this past week and he did not want to go on to play hockey. We don't know why??? He said he just wants to play baseball. That's fine with me-- one activity at a time is plenty!

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Paula Clark said...

Those kids club days sound like great fun. Was that plain old Hockey or Ice Hockey that Spencer didn't want to play. I can understand not wanting to play either, but man oh man that ice hockey is BRUTAL!!