Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Share the Love!

Today was Valentine's Day! Spencer sprang out of bed this morning READY to bring his Valentines to school--he was really excited! When we picked him up this afternoon, he told us about his special snack day and we read through all of his Valentines. He gave me the play-by-play of who gave him which cartoon characters and why. Evidently, there is an untapped psychoanalysis of Kindergarten Valentine exchanges that only my son subscribes to... ??? !!!

He received special yummies and presents from Donna, JJ, Peggy, Nana, Boppa, Auntie, III and IV today-- lots of Valentine's goodies! Daddy gave him a bracket for his DVD player --what a nerdy RadioShack gift--ha!- and Mommy gave him a Walter the Farting Dog Book (what a nerdy Barnes and Nobles gift--ha!ha!

Then he checked the mail and got cards from his Grandma Becky and his Aunt Tammy, Uncle Scott, Ashley, Kristin and Aaron-- with "pocket dollars" and well wishes for a super Valentine's day! He tucked his pocket dollars in his suitcase for his beach trip this weekend!

He also had a doctor's visit this afternoon. He has been having headaches so we had his eyes examined-- his vision is fine, so the doctor thinks it is viral.

Toby went to the doctor today as well. It is his turn to be sick I guess. He has a nice sinus infection and chest cold. Lovely for Valentines day, eh?


Lesle said...

Wow! Spencer racked in the goodies! We love Walter the Farting Dog books too!

Leslie said...

His little sack face has his smile! ;)
We had a big sack of Valentine's goodies here too. Whew what an exciting day for the kiddos!

Leslie said...
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Paula Clark said...

WOW you guys go all out for Valentines Day. It's not as big over here and it's not something that would ever be done in the schools etc. Isn't it funny how these little things change from country to country.