Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No Show Snow

The weather dude promised us snow flurries today-- and we didn't get any. Spencer was VERY disappointed. When we watched the news, the mountains got lots of snow, Spencer wanted to make a road trip... and bring a sled. Not gonna happen little buddy. The chance of Mommy driving TO THE snow is about as good as a Nigerian businessman making me millions in an investment opportunity.

But hey, the good news is that the Carolina Classic is back at Wendy's. Oh wait-- that is bad news-- they can't be good for ya. But damn they're good!

Congrats to my girl Val-- she was laid off and rehired in the same month. I think that is a record! I am very selfish when I say I am TOTALLY glad she doesn't get her severance package but instead gets to keep on working with MOI!

Spencer and I played TMNT board game tonight-- he kicked my butt! Since Christmas, we have played games just about every night: Checkers, Connect Four, Littlest Pet Shop, Sorry, Life, etc. Sunday, we put together a SpongeBob Krusty Krab Lego kit-- it took 2 hours! Spencer was all over it and kept correcting me--stupid Lego's. No wonder those things are so expensive-- they come in a million pieces and the instructions are over 50 pages. Not a "quick" activity! But a good distraction until he can get a little bit of snow....

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