Sunday, January 06, 2008

Productive Weekend

I got a lot done this weekend! I got a ton of stuff boxed up for Goodwill. I got Spencer's room finished-- He now has a total Tar Heel room! (that was a family effort!) I got a bunch of cleaning, sorting and organizing done. But now I am sore and tired.

Spencer was very excited about the room! He scored two goals this weekend (indoor soccer) and his Barnes and Nobles order came with the Ed Emberley books. He absolutely LOVES these books (Big Thanks to Kim for suggesting them!) Actually, I love these books, too! I think I am going to order another set for IV's birthday.


Kim said...

Spencer's room looks amazing! I am so glad you and Spencer loved those books. I got those when I was in Kindergarten!!! Isn't it amazing how really good things last like that? I can remember vividly how much I enjoyed those books.
Hugs to you and Spencer from me and Baxter!

Gena said...

Spencer's room looks really nice!! Of course Destiny liked it but Steven said it would look better if it was Duke. Ha ha Tell him that
Looks like yall have been busy.
Take Care
Love yall

Robyn said...

I was going to say the same thing as gena; the room looks great but it should be duke.

Are those books that show you how to draw?

Paula (poncho) said...

Totally cool - I love that room! I've just a huge clean-out of the kids rooms myself - mind you I'd love to just gut the whole thing and make them start from scratch again because they've got so much junk that they just have too keep LOL