Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Morning

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We had an early start! I set up "Danishes for Dad" at church this morning for all the wonderful Dads. It was fun! We had mini ham biscuits, sausage biscuits, assorted danishes, muffins, buns, fruits, juices, pastries, etc. The kids really enjoyed it. For table decor, I used golf balls, tees, ties and a ball and glove--inexpensive and adorable! In one of the pictures, I am standing with Kelley--our Children's Minister. She is an absolute treasure and the children think she is divine. Well-- all of us adults think she is pretty darn awesome as well!

Spencer and I enjoyed breakfast at church with Boppa then Boppa enjoyed unwrapping his Father's Day presents from us. Notice the redneck Richard Petty wrapping paper? Sigh..... He loves it. We gave Dad a new shirt, a Johnny Cash CD, golf balls and a Richard Petty collectible. Dad is a big kid at heart. He still gets "toys" every chance he gets.


Patti H said...

great photos you got of you and your dad along with Spencer! Treasure those Cassandra!

Robyn said...

Sigh, boys and thier toys. He looks like he enjoyed it.

Monika said...

Awesome pictures Cass. You look GREAT!!!