Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Little Men

IV graduated from Kindergarten today. He was his usual charismatic self -- full of silliness and affection ready for anyone who could withstand the energetic pounce of one of his bear hugs.

As a little graduation gift, Spencer and I gave him art paper, Lego's and his favorite candy. The art paper is like giant (11x16) post it notes. The center has open space for him to draw, then the border looks like it is a frame. Once his artwork is complete, you tear it off (like a post-it) and it has (wall-safe)adhesive so you can smack his artwork right up on the wall and it will look like a framed print. I have a feeling that ALL of us will get a masterpiece by Mr. IV!

Spencer's class does not have a First Grade Graduation- but they did a class party and a water fun day. On my way to an appointment, I stopped by the school and was able to see a few minutes of his fun day. Since I couldn't volunteer to help with the party, I let Spencer buy his class ice cream in the school cafeteria during lunch. I sent a note and the $ ahead of time, so the teacher had it all worked out--each kid was able to select their favorite ice cream treat from the cafeteria freezer. Boy that was INCREDIBLY easy! We are not allowed to send home-made treats to school because everything has to be labeled for allergy and sanitation reasons.

Spencer LOVED water day. They had slip-n-slides, sprinklers and water balls/toys for the kids to just go wild. We sent a change of clothes and a towel - so the kids were free to get soaked. Jimmy had my camera at IV's graduation, but I managed to get a couple of cute pictures of Spencer using Jimmy's waterproof camera.


Kim said...

How fun is that? WATER DAY! I bet they loved that. What a great shot of Spencer!

Robyn said...

Wow they pull out all the stops don't they. That art paper sounds cool.

Patti H said...

two handsome boys you have! Congrats to both boys for having a good school year!

Cheri Pryor said...

How much fun is THAT?? But you know...where was all this fun stuff when we were growing up? You know, the inflatable water slides and bounce houses? Black plastic on the grass with dishwashing soap and baby oil just doesn't seem the same anymore. *sigh*