Monday, June 02, 2008

Jurassic Reward

Last year, Spencer found a replica dino head in an aquarium shop. It was nearly $50.00 and breakable. Since he LOVES dinosaurs and I didn't have the heart to say no-- well not exactly no-- I told him he could earn the dino head by scoring his first soccer goal. I had that "smug mommy feeling" being that he felt motivated and I felt like I wouldn't have to shell out fifty bucks since....and here's the- pun intended- kicker: I knew he played goalie!
Well, this past spring season, he came out of goal for two games and played offense. He scored a goal. We celebrated his goal--and I had that "smug mommy feeling" again because I was certain he had forgotten about that hideous skull.
Well Sunday, Spencer was hemming and hawing about getting ready for church. He asked why we go to church and I told him that our church is about people who try to do good things in our community and our world and that having friends and a church like that is one of our rewards. That smart-aleck kid of mine grunted and said, "Like my reward for my soccer goal??"
Uhmmmm... Huh?
Then he asked, "Am I ever going to get my Dino skull?"
Okay, so if you are telling your kid to be a good person and do good things-- you TOTALLY have to keep your promise when he hits you up during that converstaion. My boy has some mad timing skills.
Sigh. We bought the skull Sunday after church.


Patti H said...

LOL He gotcha!!

Robyn said...

A mind like a steel trap.

Kim said...

Ha ha ha ha. I can just hear him saying that. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I can just hear YOU saying something like that, too. LOL.

Georgina said...

LOL He's not silly!!

Deanna said...

haha!! but Mom, you promised! :) what a good looking boy! he is getting so big!

AshleyS said...

kids remind us of the darndest things!!

Leslie said...

oooo busted! well he loves it and that's what matters.

Cheri Pryor said...

Kids. Forget. Nothing.