Saturday, May 31, 2008

Green Stuff and Giggles

Well, the garden finally has broccoli. Spencer was thrilled. Most kids don't care for it, but my little vegetable eater barely took time to wash the dirt off of it before chowing down.

Speaking of chowing down, we went to Carraba's tonight. I ate too much and now I feel miserable. We stopped by Mom and Dad's house on the way home and our garlic breath about knocked them out. Typical of my family, we spent the rest of the evening joking around and I laughed until I literally had tears streaming down my face.
It started with Dad telling us a story about Spencer having to use a Port-a-potty at the rodeo, and like me, my son is quite particular about cleanliness. My Dad attempted to use the phrase "he was anal" but he said "he was anus" and oh... it just went down hill from there. Then the next hour or so was dedicated to picking on my brother. My poor Mom laughed herself into an asthma attack. Spencer and IV were in the living room playing and on the way home Spencer asked, "What was so funny tonight?" I replied with, "EVERYTHING!"


Nancyroo said...

what a good boy, eating broccoli!

Faith said... munchkin LUVS the broccoli, too! Yay for veggie eating kids!!!!

Kim said...

I can't believe he loves broccoli like that! That is great!
I love that your family enjoys each other--and giving each other grief--the way that you do. I love being around you all because I can always plan on laughing and having fun. You are all lucky to enjoy each other and love each other the way that you do!

Patti H said...

LOL Spencer eating that broccolie reminds me of a joke. Oh and Carrabas my favorite restaurant! Love it!! They make the best Cosmos and in Florida they have happy hour they do not have Happy Hour at our Carrabas

Leslie said...

my son loves little trees too! MMM MMM MMM and it sounds like a fun night for lots of laughs.

Robyn said...

Mags loves broccoli too. Sounds like a fun night.