Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fish Fish Got My Wish

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We took Spencer and IV to the local carnival last night. They had "all you can ride" passes so the boys rode everything they wanted several times. It wasn't crowded at all, in fact, on most rides they could tell the operator they wanted to "go again" and just stay on the ride. And by operator, I mean half-drunk, grungy Carney.
Their favorite ride was The Sizzler. It was a scrambler style ride that directional force would throw them into each other in the seat--which they thought was hilarious. They rode it at least 7 times.
We promised the boys that they could play ONE game at the end of the evening. They both wanted to play the game where you bounce the ping pong balls into the fishbowls to win goldfish or stuffed animals. We watched other people playing and, like all the other games, it looked easy but was obviously much trickier than it looked because no one was winning. We bought a small bucket of balls for the boys to share--and wouldn't you know that Spencer got it on the first try! Even the Carney working the booth was surprised! Her mouth gaped open and all you could see was pink gums where her teeth used to be...ugh! A few seconds later, IV got a ball in and then right at the end, Spencer got another ball in.
We had the two most excited boys in the entire park. You would have thought they won the BIG HUGE prize and not the 50 cent fish--but they were thrilled. She bagged the fish up-- Spencer with his two and IV with his one-- and the boys strutted out of the park holding their bags. They had gotten the Gold and the Silver in the Carnival Fish Olympics!
We took the fish to the little fish pond by the pool. They immediately made friends with the other fish and will live happily ever after.


Kim said...

OMG- these pictures could not be any better! You totally captured the fun, spontaneous moments so well. How cute are Spencer and IV? It is so great that they have each other and that they are growing up so close.

Patti H said...

I think you have a couple good looking jocks on your hands Cassandra! LOL at the carny son will not ride the rides at our local carny cause he says they don't have a full set of teeth he is pretty sure they don't have a full brain LOL

Robyn said...

Ha Ha, doncha love the carny people. Yay for Spence and IV, Hopefully the fish live for a little while.

Paula... said...

Eeew at the pink gums and no teeth - what an image that conjured up! What clever little guys you have there - they look so proud holding up their fish. What a fun time!