Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!

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Tonight was Mom's big birthday party! People started arriving after lunch--and we were poolside, snacking and having drinks all afternoon. I made a ton of appetizers and treats, so we had plenty to last us until 5:00 when we fired up the grill. All day, we relaxed, socialized and enjoyed the company and beautiful weather.
After a chorus of HAPPY BIRTHDAY and cake, the kids roasted marshmallows in the fire pit. Strike that. The kids burned marshmallows and acted like goofballs. But, even the most burnt, ashiest, crustiest, charred marshmallow did not go to waste-- it seems that the kids like to burn 'em and the adults like to eat 'em. That works.
Once the mosquitoes ran us inside, Mom opened her gifts and we oohed and ahhed--and laughed at all her old age cards. Then some of us retreated to the living room and had quite a rowdy Wii session. For the record, the drunker Julie is, the better she can bowl. Now, she has no idea when it is her turn...but she can throw strikes.
I think it was a great party-- I am exhausted, I ate too much, and my sides hurt from laughing--so yeah, we had fun!


lydia eve said...

Looks like fun! Sorry we missed it!

Kim said...

Too much fun! I hate I had to leave early and that I missed the Wii competition, I bet that was a riot. That picture of me and Jimmy cracks me up--the look on both of our faces is funny and pretty much sums up how we talk to each other! LOL.
IV and Spencer were too cute, I will have to update my blog with my pics today, I have one of IV that we can save to embarrass him with when he is in high school!

Patti H said...

wow you got some great shots. Is the pool at your parents house or yours? I am jealous you are in your pool already. WE have not even opened ours yet the weather is in the 50's today! Anyways my fav pic is the one with Spencer and his burnt marshmellow! Glad your party was a happy one!

The Partin Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Tell your mom we said "Happy Birthday"!