Saturday, May 24, 2008


Spencer and I have been pouring over websites looking at all of our choices for cruise excursions this summer.

We had agreed on a Dolphin Swim and I made my online reservation, only to be "bumped" the next day due to over booking.
So, we found something else fun to do: A Sea Lion Adventure! It will be fun, different and a great learning opportunity for Spencer. The place we chose uses adoption/rescue animals and the funds from the encounters go back to help the Sea Lion preservation society.

We also signed up to play with Stingrays. We have already been warned that stingrays really really really like to be petted. And fed. Castaway Ray's Stingray Encounter has 42 stingrays, 41 of them female ... the male's name is Lucky Boy. Gee... I wonder why. From my understanding, their barbed stings are cut like fingernails, so they are safe. Rays don't have teeth, just plates for crunching shellfish or whatever they give us to feed them. Supposedly they hug you tight and it feels like a vacuum. Spencer is going to have a blast!

That is just the "wildlife" portion....we have so much more to decide on. Sometimes, I think anticipation is one of the best parts of a vacation.


Leslie said...

your vacation sounds so fun! I'm a little behind on reading blogs so while I have some alone time I thought I'd relax and see who I could catch up with. I'll be saving your blog info into the laptop so I'm not too out of the loop while in transit. Email me sometime...I'd love to catch up. said...

I read on the CC board that you are looking for a price on a cruise this summer. If you have not already found it and paid for it in full please send me an email and I will be more than happy to help you.
Mary Ann Peddicord

Kim said...

Wow- Spencer is going to have so much fun! Next time we talk, you are going to have to tell me all the details.

Patti H said...

sounds exciting although there is no way you would get me in there with stingrays LOL