Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Last night was girl's night out--- in a big way. Not just for me, but for the entire city. I hung out with my friend Lesley after the movie for a few minutes and we reflected on the evening and decided a few things:

First, the other groups of "girlfriends" got dressed up for the movie. They all had on funky shoes and were drinking cosmos at the bar next to the theater. We had on comfy capris, basic sandals, and indulged in appletinis and draft beer. We are younger than the Sex and the City girls so it's not like we have aged out of the demographic. I think we are just more cynical and sarcastic. But it was really fun playing Joan Rivers and making fun of everyone's outfits.

Second- for most, it was an event and the girls got to the theater early, because it was a "to be seen" social happening. It was a sea of shoe debutantes at the equivalent of a sorority rush with giant sized sodas and tubs o' popcorn. We, on the other hand, got to yapping and eating, lost track of time, ran into the theater just in the nick of time to get the last available seats in the front row. There's nothing like seeing Big up close and well... even bigger. Thank goodness Lesley got our tickets earlier in the day or we never would have gotten in!

Next, that theater couldn't have had more estrogen in it even if someone dropped an Premarin bomb. There were hundred of girls there--all huddled in little groups of friends. And a few gay guys. It was fabulous.

Wouldn't it be funny if the guys would go out in little groups wearing their best little sports jerseys and meet up for big events and drink their favorite beverages in groups and get really excited about getting together? Oh yeah... that sounded really funny, until you think, well hell that sounds just like Superbowl or the playoffs, or the world series or the big race or whatever. Well I guess Sex and The City was the Superbowl of cinema fashion and girls night out.


Georgina said...

LOL Thats classic!!!

Patti H said...

Ha ha I would have been with you Cassandra checking out what everyone else was doing! But on the other hand cosmos are my fav!!
Glad you had a girls night out!! Woo Hoo

Amy said...

Sounds like fun. So, what'd you think of the movie?

Deanna said...

oooh, we ended up with tickets to a 10pm showing! lol I totally had the idea to get all glammed up....I wanted to make MAC appointments to get our makeup done, dress up, have drinks and bff was like "for a movie?" she's so sensible! we had fun at the movie even in jeans and doing our own makeup...did you like the movie?

Robyn said...

SO jealous!! I wanted to go see it today, but alas not playing here. I could force myself to drive 30 miles to go see it. It had better get here next week!

Leslie said...

what a fun girl's night out...I'm so jealous. glad you had a good time. I can't wait to see the movie myself.

Cheri Pryor said...

Have you been to a Monster Truck Rally? Save me.

Sounds like you had a blast!