Friday, July 18, 2008

Inez's new thingy

I went to CVS tonight and they had some pretty neat pet beds for $5.99. Spencer picked out one for Inez. She is so goofy, I wasn't sure she would like it. I came home and tossed it on the floor. I got the scissors, leaned down, cut the tags off and turned to put the scissors in the drawer--when I turned back around she was ALREADY in the kitty bed purring loudly and doing the "kneading dough" thing with her paws. I had to laugh at her. For years, this cat was shy and would hide all the time and now she is a total diva. Spencer and I decided that for only $5.99, we should go back and get another one for the bedroom!

Speaking of Spencer, we were playing cards tonight and he was goofing off and Spencer said: "I'm gonna lay down the log!"
me: "Uhmmmmm. It's LAW not LOG. You lay down the law."
Spencer: "Well that doesn't make sense at all. You lay down logs."

This is the same kid that ARGUED with me that it was SPEED LEMON instead of SPEED LIMIT. Yeah, cause that totally makes sense. When he learned to read, he finally agreed that it was "limit" and not "lemon" - but I think a small part of him thinks there was a nationwide conspiracy to change all of the regulatory signs just to mess with him....

Oh--and the poor kid inherited my gift for butchering lyrics. I knew he was in trouble when at age 3 he sang "Here comes your buddy" instead of "It's a Wiggly Party"-- not even close. But, at least he is entertaining.


Kim said...

Inez is lookin' cute and seriously chubby in that photo! I am glad she likes her bed. You never know with the fur babies and surprises you bring home for them.
Spencer definitely comes by his lyrics "problem" honestly, I can testify to this- having witnessed your singing talents since high school. He also *might* get that stubborness from you, I am not sure...LOL.

Patti H said...

LOL I love hearing Spencer stories he reminds me of Max! He is as sharp as a tack and a good sense of humor!!

Stacy said...

LOL Spencer is too funny! I wonder where he gets his humour from? lol