Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A stray named Merry

We are still feeding the cat up at the abandoned farm house. She will let you pet her and is quite loving now. I haven't tried to pick her up yet. Spencer named her "Merry" because he wants her to have a home by Christmas. Christmas is a big deal in our house--lots of traditions and family events--so I guess Spencer wants the kitty to have family and love by Christmas. I like that he thinks that way.

But...we need to find someone to take this cat before December! I am pretty sure it is a girl cat. I am not a feline testicular expert, but it looks like girl parts to me.

Click on the collage to see bigger photos so you can see her long fur and pretty eyes!
My local readers-- please call or email if you know someone that can give her a home!


Lori P said...

cute kitty, i like the way spencer thinks!

lydia eve said...

I. want. that. cat.

Too bad my husband doesn't want a cat and we really don't have anywhere to put a litter box that isn't in the middle of the floor. Oh, and that I live so far away! :)

Patti H said...

I don't like cats but she is a purty one! You have a fine young man there Cassandra you outta be proud. They just don't think like that if they are not being raised to be kind and caring!! Go Spencer love the name he picked

Kim said...

Spencer has such a good heart--and so does his mom!
By the way, for anyone reading this, Miss Merry has markings like a Ragdoll kitty. Ragdolls are such special kitties, and somewhere down the line, Merry has Ragdoll genes!
Check here to see some pics and for more info:
Let's get Merry a home!

Cheri Pryor said...

Look at her big, beautiful EYES!! OMG!! And what a cutie Spencer is...such a big, wonderful heart. Just like Mom! *kiss*

Paula... said...

Oh she is adorable - such beautiful markings and totally gorgeous blue eyes *sigh*

Stacy said...

I can not believe she is a stray! If I lived anywhere near you I would scoop her up in a second!!! Merry is beautiful!