Sunday, December 07, 2008

How Bazaar How Bazaar

Dee, Mom and I went to a huge craft bazaar in Myrtle Beach this past weekend. Vendors were set-up on all 4 levels of the convention center at Springmaid Beach Resort and the outside area in front of the pier had several more vendors plus all of the traditional Fair type foods.
We stayed at the resort so it was very convenient to sleep late and just take the elevator down to the convention area at our own leisure, shop as we wanted, take our packages back to the room when we wanted, etc. Our balcony overlooked the ocean and the pier - despite the crisp December weather we had a beautiful view.
We shopped at the bazaar then we drove down to the outlets- I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done. The rest of the time, we laid around the room and read. We never even turned the TV on the entire weekend. I had 4 books with me (because I couldn't decide which to take), 3 magazines and a newspaper. A nice cup of coffee, some fresh danish, a great view and something good to read is a perfect morning!
Okay so that was the shopping and relaxing portion of the weekend-- let's not forget the dinners and drinks....Friday night we had seafood, Saturday night we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise (where the drink menu is as good as the food!) and Sunday we had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Carolina Roadhouse- their "big salad" is delish! Plus since it was the "off season" we didn't have to wait anywhere!
The only bad part of the weekend was mid Sunday morning when we were getting ready to checkout. The hotel lost power. Actually, several blocks lost power. They did not have an estimate on when power would be restored so we decided to leave. That meant 6 flights of steps with all of our luggage and everything we had bought! Mom is recovering from knee surgery and Dee is getting ready to have knee surgery so they had to make their way slowly down the steps. I made a couple of trips-- the down wasn't bad but the 6 flights up was a burn. To make it a bit challenging, the stupid resort only had emergency lighting on about every third floor which means some flights of steps were in total darkness, some had barely any light and some had emergency lighting. Mom had a flashlight with her so she was able to see enough to keep from falling. I was loaded up like a pack mule and didn't care about the darkness, I just needed to get to the ground level before I collapsed. We all survived and I jokingly said that it worked off some of the food I indulged in while vacationing! Even with that check-out fiasco, we still had a fantastic time!

The only person I still need to buy for is my brother-- if any of you have any ideas, email me!


LesleMora said...

You do the funnest things! Well, except for the losing power thing and hauling a ton of stuff like a pack mule. That part didn't sound fun at all. Oy!

Patti H said...

Sounds like a fun mini/shopping vaca. I love Myrtle Beach!! Been a quite a few times myself. Happy to hear your shopping is done too. I am done as well just trying to get it all wrapped!

Cheri Pryor said...

That drink looks heavenly!! Six flights of stairs, eh? How many trips? I would say you've had more exercise from one power outage that I have all year. Congrats!

Paula... said...

Oooh what a perfect weekend (except for the loss of power LOL). I would so love a weekend like that where I can just relax and lounge around with a good book :)

Paula... said...

Oooh what a perfect weekend (except for the loss of power LOL). I would so love a weekend like that where I can just relax and lounge around with a good book :)