Sunday, December 21, 2008

I "kid" you not

click on collage to enlarge (and see the goats!)

There were three goats in my yard this morning. Three friendly goats. Spencer made some sort of goat noise (just imagine a whinny and a grunt) and they came barrelling towards us. Spencer asked me to go get them something to eat--so I returned with a loaf of bread and Mr. Salty Pretzels. That's all I could come up with on such short notice.
Spencer decided that the goats were for him, IV and Boppa. I hated to tell the kid that we were NOT keeping the goats. This puppy is enough! He chews up everything, eats all day long and poops everywhere -- I figured it out-he is part goat!
We had to leave for indoor soccer practice and they huddled in front of the car. Using the Honda as a makeshift border collie, I herded them up our l.o.n.g. driveway and to our neighbor's yard. Merry Christmas to them. Ha!Ha!
This evening, I met up with friends for dinner. Two friends had company drop by and couldn't make it tonight. And I totally forgot to call another friend to meet us there (I assumed Mom called her....) That's okay....she doesn't read my blog :-)
Anyway...that left the four of us to meet for dinner and drinks. We had a great time and celebrated Dee's birthday as well. Poor Dee was born on Christmas Day. It's tough to share your birthday with a Saviour. We try to make sure she gets birthday greetings somewhere in all the Christmas celebrations. Instead of birthday cake, Dee got a birthday shot glass of strawberry cheesecake. It was the perfect size for everyone to have "one bite" and not get all blah.


Patti H said...

goats? wth? where the hell do you live? I am thinking stinky feet? LOL

Paula... said...

Man you certainly have a constant swaggle of animals through you place LOL. Hmmmm that strawberry cheesecake shot looks scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

A shot glass of cheesecake? Was this a standard sized shot glass? I'm thinking I would have needed at least 4 shot glasses all to myself.

The goats are cute!