Saturday, October 31, 2009


Talk about fun!!!  I spent a long weekend (last Thursday - Sunday) in Niagara Falls with some friends.  Just a girls weekend away with some of the funniest chicks I know!

This is Patti.  She was our Canadian host. She is a VIP at the casino and we were treated us like royalty all weekend.  Nice, eh?

This is Gina.  She is our loud mouth Long Island, Italian friend that can make you laugh even WHILE you are getting into trouble. hahah--Poor Gina!

 This is Cheri. She is a crazy Californian who is queer for electrical power and will make you laugh until your sides hurt.  This girl is dangerously funny!

We spent our time, shopping, dining, drinking, touring...and laughing harder than I have laughed in a LONG LONG time. Some of my best memories from this weekend include cheers at the roulette tables, Cheri cussing at Glenda Anne at the slots, Gina getting in trouble for gymnastics in the chairman's club, doggie kisses from Max at Patti's house, bottles of yummy icewine, hilarious dice games in the suite and the best surf and turf I have ever eaten! This was seriously one of the best Girls Weekends away you can imagine-- I was spoiled rotten!


Yankee said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great time.

Patti H said...

Cassandra I too had a great time! I wish that we still had it to look forward too. Now we just have to plan the next one!!

Cheri Pryor said...

What specifically made you pick THAT picture of me? Dude. I look like a lush.

Soooo much fun. So much fun.

"16 days since Icefest"....*sigh*

gab423 said...

"loud mouth Long Island, Italian friend" Yup...that's me! Oh, btw...want to see my back handspring? ;)