Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seriously? Duke beat State???

Saturday, Laura and I went to the Duke-State game. We had a great day of shopping (Sephora, Lush, etc!) tailgating (wine, cheese, chocolates, etc!) and dinner out (Greek at Taverna Agora).

Will's seats are excellent-- 50 yard line, 3 rows behind the Duke bench, so other than being harassed by the surrounding State fans- it was fantastic.  When we first got there and were going down the row to our seats, the guy on the end said, "Holy Crap! A Duke Girl and a Carolina Girl. Well isn't that just great?"  We knew it was going to be rough in the sea of red...

We handled the heckling from the State fans much better than we handled the bottles (plural) of wine while tailgating BEFORE the the sun....yeah, not so smart :-)  The walk to the stadium was...uhmmm...interesting.  But alas, after some water, we were fine!

And Laura REALLY enjoyed seeing the history making game where Duke actually beat State.  I mean c'mon-- who would have predicted a 49-28 win for Duke???

Since Will has to work every game, he kept an eye on us via binoculars (kinda creepy, huh?) and contact with us through lots of texting (kind of sweet, huh?)


Mama Laura said...

Hey--I thought the title of this entry was going to be "Seriously? Duke and Carolina?". I think the double whammy brought the jinx that helped my Devils win. That and the fact that Thaddeus Lewis was en fuego!!
What an absolute awesome day. I just hated to have it come to an end. Let's do it again soon!

Patti H said...

you girls sure know how to have fun!!

Kristin K Stock said...

See if you lived here in Nebraska.....You would just be a Husker fan :) Love you Cass!! :) You girls look like you had a blast!!!

Cheri Pryor said...

Congrats on making it to your seats post wine-consumption. lol!!