Monday, February 01, 2010

First Scrapbooking Weekend of 2010

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow could stop the LooLoo Crew scrapbook weekend.  We piled in on Friday and just let ourselves be snowed in while we cropped all weekend long.  It was the perfect time to get some scrapbooking done!
The weather did keep a couple of our girls away, but Dee, Stacy, Julie, Melissa W (Lucy), Holly, Mom and I made it the entire weekend.  Melissa P was able to join us Friday night but the roads were too bad for her to come back on Saturday.

Of course, we took a brief time-out to play in the snow.  Stacy and Melissa were far more adventurous than the rest of us!

And as usual, I did something stupid. Sometime after midnight Saturday night, I went to the downstairs fridge looking for a snack. I found the leftover cantaloupe and the sour cream container the fruit dip was in. Since there was only a little bit of each, I took them back to my desk and ate straight from the containers.

The next morning at breakfast, Julie went to the upstairs fridge and got out some fruit and the sour cream container of leftover fruit dip. Uhmmmm....what?? Are there two fruit dip containers??? Nope. Julie said the fruit dip had been upstairs all along! So what in the hell did I eat??
We dug the container out of the trash and it had expired in May 2009. OMG!!! It was lumpy (but so was the fruit dip) but it wasn't moldy or smelly-- all I really remember tasting was the cantaloupe because I was kind of stopped up/nasally. I was instantly nauseous.... We have NO IDEA what I ate!!!


The Partin Family said...

Ha ha! Cassandra, I'm glad you didn't get sick! However, I wish I could have been there because that would have made me laugh hard enough to have to run to the restroom! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...


Cheri Pryor said...

OMG!!! Lumpy, unidentified refrigerator food??!! LMAO!! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. I get a weekend of fun next weekend!! Yay me!!