Sunday, August 01, 2010

I can afford Crab Legs but not DumDum suckers....

Will and I had "date night" with the kids on Saturday night.  The boys wanted the steak and crab leg special from Outback so the special pricing combined with our coupons for free appetizers made for a reasonably priced good dinner out.
Then, instead of movies, they chose bowling.  Even with the bumpers up, it was an exercise in humility. But we laughed the entire time and all the goofy pictures from the evening are priceless.

And when did bowling get so expensive? $52.00 for the four of us to play two games (with shoe rental)
Holy strike and a spare!  And that doesn't even include the quarters wasted in the arcade trying to win 40 tickets to cash in on a dum-dum sucker.  Yeah, you read that right, it took 40 tickets to get 1 cheap piece of candy. 

But that's okay-- our boys had fun and made some great memories ♥


Our little family said...

Expensive is right! We went last spring and I about died at the register.

Freaking bowling is more than a movie here.

Paula... said...

I'd also like to know when it happened - even downunder it's become mighty expensive :( Glad you had a fun night despite the expense :)