Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend of Unfinished Business...

Yep-- it was a weekend of "Unfinished" things--but that's not a bad thing.  In fact it was pretty good.

We didn't quite finish the First Friday party with the women's group from church.  We had appetizers at Natty Greens, did some shopping, tried to avoid the folks giving out "free hugs" and tried our darnedest to figure out what "glitter cigarettes" were at a junk store selling bongs, without getting ourselves in trouble....but 15 text messages/calls from her store and 1 stress headache later, Laura had her husband come pick us up a little early. But that's okay-- we had some fun and it was all good!

Will came to town for the weekend. Saturday was a hoot.  Since it was tax-free weekend, we went clothes shopping. I almost got us lost. Twice. 
Will hasn't lived around here in twenty years so he depends on me for directions when we are going places he isn't familiar with (in this case, Friendly Center) and I was playing Car Bingo with Spencer and not paying attention.  Twice.  But the true test of husband material is if he lost his cool about it...and he did not.

After shopping, and meeting my family for dinner, Will and I decided to go to the movies and saw Inception.  At least I think we did....maybe we were dreaming we saw it....or maybe he was dreaming we saw it and I was in his dream.  It was one of those movies where you enjoy it when you are watching it but once you walk out, it's like...meh.

Sunday, Will and I pulled the broken gutter off the house, weeded, repaired the bathroom wallpaper, made cookies, re-soiled the rosemary plant, fixed the toilet seat....uhmmm...not necessarily in that order---haha! We couldn't finish the gutter because I didn't have the right tools and he didn't have his with him.  We'll get to it next time.  Then we had to say goodbye again.  For over a year we have been making this long distance relationship work. We can do it  for another 7 months, right?

We decided to marry on St. Patrick's Day 2011 --hopefully--- assuming Will can transfer to a state job here in the spring.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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Paula... said...

Sounds like a great weekend - I could do with a few of those to get all those little things done that keep getting shoved to the side.

Congrats on setting the date - I'm sure you'll have the luck of the Irish with you and the day will be perfect :)