Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wonderful Time Under Unfortunate Circumstances

I grew up in Chester,Virginia. I have remained in contact with my best friend (who was also my neighbor) all these years. In fact, our entire neighborhood remains in contact (God bless facebook!)

My friend's sister past away last week from a massive heart attack at age 44. I drove to VA on Saturday for the memorial. It was very sad and the circumstances were beyond horrible, but it was also wonderful seeing my friends and old neighbors. I hate that it took a funeral to get all of us in the same space. 

A highlight of trip was meeting my 3rd cousin, Jon David (my cousin's daughter's newborn son)
He had the sweetest smiles--but I think the flash on my camera surprised him each time!


toby said...

Cousin or not, that baby needs some TarHeel Blue to brighten the days ahead!

lydia eve said...

Haha, first of all, NO TARHELL BLUE IN THIS HOUSE! (Typo, but fitting, so it stays.) :)

Secondly, I'm so glad you came to visit. And you're right, Jon D. doesn't get a flash very often. :) We ended up getting a Canon Rebel somethingorother after you left, so maybe next time you see it you'll be able to capture that grin on film! :)

Anonymous said...

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