Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

The weather is finally breaking, the leaves are turning and it is starting to look like autumn.
Spencer has been busy playing football, Halo Reach, snuggling with me and watching movies and decorating pumpkins. Notice that Bowser totally owns the "full face mask drag across the floor" play during their little games of indoor tackle! 

My friend Laura (of Mama Laura's Chocolates and Ice cream) has been busy making caramel apples and peanut butter ghosts--so I got the great idea I would make some caramel apples, too.

The apples turned out fine. But the bowl of leftover caramel "disappeared" from the kitchen counter--- I found it and the thief a few minutes later on MY BED!

I should have been mad, but he looked so funny trying to eat the caramel without getting any of the sticky stuff on his snout, that I could only laugh....and take pictures!


Leslie said...

oh I can't wait to be off liquids...I'm so gonna make some caramel apples even if it's in late November early December LOL

Anna Ruth said...

I love the pumpkin you decorated. Baylee can't wait to see her Spencer.