Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day!

Today is Spencer's first day of 5th grade.  And his last "first day" of elementary school.  How did my baby grow up so fast??
I remember when I took him to his first day of Kindergarten and I thought the 5th graders looked HUGE--way too big to be bustling down the hallways with our wittle kindergartners.  Now I am wondering if other Kindergarten parents sat this morning thinking the same thing looking at Spencer and his friends going into school, high-fiving over weekend soccer goals and plans at recess later....

And yes, Spencer picked out his own first day clothes.  The boy, will NOT wear anything other than soccer clothes!

Today is also Will's first day on the job at HPU.  The middle picture is him showing his new work ID badge and he is making the same face as in his ID picture--- it looks like he had to poop really bad and then a four year old drew a straight line across with a sharpie for his mouth...quite unfortunate.  He could fake he lost his ID and get another one...but there is a $50 replacement charge--- so I say he has to keep the poop/sharpie mouth picture!


Patti H said...

you got some handsome boys in your lucky girl!!

Cheri Pryor said...

At least Spencer is excited about going to school even if he doesn't want to wear "first-day-worthy" clothes, eh? (Sore-ree...I've been visiting Patti and have taken to some Canadian speak)

Congrats to Will! He cleans up nice, even if he does have to poop.

Lesle Alvarado said...

They look great!