Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not too many Dicks around

Have you noticed that fewer and fewer kids have nicknames?
I am talking real nicknames--not ones like Scooter, Skippy, Fartface, etc.
When was the last time you met someone under 60 named Dick (for Richard)?
Almost everyone at Spencer's school goes by full name such as Michael (not Mike) or Stephen (not Steve) or Jeffrey (not Jeff).

Traditional names that customarily got nicknames (Robert, William, Joseph, Richard, etc.) are not as popular anymore and somehow it became vogue NOT to shorten a child's name.
"This is my son, Alexander."
"Hi Alex!" 
'No! It is Alexander!!!"

So why do I care?  I don't.
I just happened to overhear a kid snap at another kid's grandparent at a soccer game when the grandpa cheered for "Chris" and was immediately corrected to "Christopher."  I am sure the Grandpa's generation shortened Christopher to Chris without any implied insult.


Lesle Alvarado said...

I just gave my kids the nicknames. A lot of people think their names are shortened for something else.

Patti H said...

yeah the one that gets me the most is John (my John) his name is John not Johnathon and his family nickname for him is Jack? Just don't get it. LOL

Paula... said...

LOL no matter what you name your kids, they'll always get nicknames or shortened versions. But you're right, people aren't as laid back about their names as they used to be. I always thought shortening a name was a show of affection IYKWIM.

Jessie said...

William goes by Will all the time. I'm just not keen on Billy.