Sunday, August 28, 2011

Loo Loo Again

This weekend was a Girls Crafting weekend-- filled with scrapbooking, sewing, jewelry making, card-making and of course, Hurricane Irene tracking.  We had a couple of great dinners out, went to see The Help, raided the craft section of Mighty Dollar, planned Julie's baby shower, giggled through Jen's Zumba demo and Dee learned a valuable lesson...ALWAYS lock the bathroom door. (my poor Dad is STILL embarrassed!)

While I had a girls weekend away, Will and the boys took a break from their weekend of eating junk and playing video games to tour the HPU campus to see where Will is now working.


Leslie said...

if at anytime I move to NC I'm joining this group!

Brenda said...

Leslie it is by invitation only

Burdie said...

Are you pimping out your kid for a Subway sponsorship?

Patti H said...

why does Spencer look like a midget next to Joe?