Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bulldogs and Surgery

Spencer reigned as BULLDOG OF THE WEEK this past week in his kindergarten class! We are so proud of him! He was selected because he is a good student, citizen and friend. He got a commemorative cup and little shoelace embellishments to wear to school. I tried to get him to give me the shoelace things for my scrapbook, but he insisted on wearing them-ha!

Toby had surgery on Friday to correct the TMJ they think is causing his migraines. He has a significant amount of damage and infection in his jaw. The first step was an oral surgery to remove his wisdom teeth and help move out some of the inflammation. As you can see, all the pets surround whomever is ill in our house. The pets think they have healing powers or something weird.... Anyway, Toby is resting and healing up this weekend!


Paula said...

I hope Toby is resting well - he looks quite uncomfortable, poor thing.

Well done to Spencer - he looks so proud :)

Kristi Sauer said...

I had major jaw surgery 15 years ago, had to have my mouth wired shut for a month. No fun at all!

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! I know he is in pain. Hope he gets to feeling better love yall