Sunday, October 08, 2006

What's big, blue and toots?

Today was our Day Out with Thomas! Spencer and IV had so much fun. Boppa's sinus infection was bad so he stayed home but the rest of us went to Spencer, NC to the NC Transportation Museum and had a day full of Thomas, Percy, James, Sir Topam Hat and the crew. We had our ride on Thomas, we road on the roundhouse, did arts and crafts, had "fun foods" at the outdoor fair, had pictures made, toured the museum and, of course, went to the gift shop. The ride on Thomas was 17 minutes long and our 7 tickets were $133.00!! Isn't that crazy? (By the way-- thanks to Nana for buying us tickets and planning an awesome family day!) Spencer got 4 new cars for his Thomas sets, two Tshirts and gloves. I asked him what his favorite parts of our day was and he said (1) riding on Thomas (2) getting new toys and (3) his picnic lunch at the roundhouse.


Paula said...

Gee Thomas gets around - he was here a couple of weeks ago ROFL. The price for the tickets is just ridiculous isn't it, but I'm glad it was a fun family day.

Oscar T. Grouch said...

ouch to the tickets. But I have to say that is so so so cool.