Saturday, October 07, 2006

Congratulations Lydia and Bryan!

We went to Virginia last weekend for Lydia and Bryan's wedding and had a fantastic time. It was a beautiful ceremony and an awesome party! Nothing beats getting together with friends, family, good food and an open bar!

Just a side story here.....The ceremony was outside and we sat on stadium style risers. On a couple of rows in front of us, a guy was moving his hands in a rather rythmic fashion and I thought, "Cool! Lydia has someone signing her ceremony!" Then I noticed he was facing the wedding party--and still signing away with great energy. As I was trying to figure out who was deaf and watching the guy sign, I saw the poor guy sit up a little and lean to the side...and continue to fan two yellow jackets away. Geesh! He wasn't signing--but was being bullied by two Brown's Island Bees!!!

We turned the entire weekend into a mini vacation. We did some power shopping at the outlets, we toured the Edgar Allen Poe museum (and Spencer squaked 'Nevermore' for the next three days) and we toured the Science Musuem. Spencer and IV got a big kick out of the Grossology exhibit! Anything about burps, farts and stinky smells just crack up 4 and 5 year old boys. IV loved the tapeworm slide and Spencer enjoyed moving the balls through the cow's stomachs to create methane..and well you know what that means...

We completed the weekend by getting home in time to celebrate Jimmy's 30th birthday with dinner out at his favorite Italian restaurant!

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Paula said...

WOW what a fab weekend Cassandra. LOL at the man signing at the wedding - what a sight that must have been. The poor fella :-P

Now that museum sounds like something my girls would loooove - too bad it's so far for us come and see it LOL.