Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another First

Spencer and IV played their first board game alone together. It was so cute. They set up the SpongeBob Life board. Spencer helped IV with reading the cards, counting the money and they were being so sweet taking turns and enjoying the game. About 5 minutes after I took this picture...all hell broke loose. They started accusing each other of cheating and whining to me. They got about 3/4 through the game--I guess that is a record!


Kim said...

I had to laugh. Ok, so we aren't sisters or cousins. But I am sort of family since I lived with your family for awhile...ANYWAY...I wonder how long it would take US to start accusing each other of cheating? (or at least you would accuse me because I would be winning) HA HA.

Christinekay said...

They look so cute. At least they ALMOST finished the game. They are growing so fast.

Robyn said...

Funny, do they usually get along well?