Monday, October 08, 2007

Spencer rocks!

Spencer had the most awesome soccer game of his life tonight! Of course, none of Mommy's pictures turned out (it was really hazy here tonight and I was doing more cheering than photography!) but let me tell you- Little man was on fire. He played two quarters at goalie-- total shut-out. He had diving saves, fast stops, deep punts and quick reflexes that made his coach (Auntie) scream with joy! At one point,(Spencer's big diving double roll stop) Melissa even did a goofy little on field dance! She was SO proud of him! Spencer ended up with a scraped up knee, but it didn't bother him once the other kids started saying-- "Wow! Cool save! You're even Bleeding!"
He sat out 3rd quarter to rest up, then played sweeper 4th quarter. His offense was as aggressive and sharp as his defense. He was fast, tonight!
After the game he was congratulated by many parents, teammates, even some of the parents from the opposing team and the team official. Auntie was so proud, that she is going to buy him special goalie gloves for the next game. I took him for his favorite pizza and we talked about the game for the next hour or so! He was proud of himself and it was so cute to hear his half-embarrassed/half-proud retelling of his game!

The only bad part about the evening was missing little IV. He is home in bed with walking pneumonia. Poor little guy is really sick!


Kim said...

GO SPENCER!!! You are a superstar! Baxter can't wait to see his famous soccer-star friend again!

Leslie said...

Spencer rocks the field! Whoo hoo!

Gena said...

Great Job Spencer!!! Yes you do rock!! Way to go!!!Love you

LesleMora said...

Woo hoo!!!! Way to go!

Robyn said...

Whoo Hoo, way to go Spencer. Dontcha hate when sport photos don't turn out. I have such a hard time taking them. But I'm trying. Hope IV is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

So sorry I had to miss that game, dag nap it!
Maybe he will follow in his twin cousins foot steps and be as good in scoccer as they are. Way to go Scooter!!!! Love ya itty bitty bits, Nana