Wednesday, October 31, 2007

End of Fall Soccer

Tonight was our last game for fall soccer league. It wasn't the boys' best game, but we were still very proud of them. We finally had both of them well at the same time, and they just couldn't get a break. IV is a scrappy little player and spends as much time rolling around the field as he does running-- he is fun to watch. Spencer is all business-- he is serious and gets flustered when he makes a mistake. He accidently punted the ball into the face of his own teammate tonight and it really embarrassed him--poor kid!
The cutest thing happened on the sideline after the game. The guy from the YMCA wasn't there to give the team awards and I told the kids that they will have to get their awards later. One little boy piped up and pointed to his leg (clearly misunderstanding me) and volunteered, "I already got my warts taken off at the doctor's office last week!!" I was going to explain AWARDS not WARTS, but I was laughing too hard!
We took the boys for pizza after the game to celebrate their fine season and to congratulate them for being great team players. They want to play indoor soccer over the winter and then regular soccer will pick back up this Spring.


lydia eve said...

Looking at that picture of Spencer, I feel like I have a glimpse of what he's going to look like as a man... he is growing up so fast, and I love the action shot of Iv!

And the warts... ha!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Warts. Cute!

Robyn said...

LOL warts. Too bad that the season is over.

And Tag you're it.