Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spencer Checked up on Nana

Mom has been hacking ever since we got home from Seabrook-- the humidity was killer. Well she finally called the doctor today and said, enough is enough--and sure enough-- it is pneumonia. Respiratory infections are rampant around here-- if you follow my blog, both Spencer and IV have been sick lately. IV is finally better and now Nana is sick. When Spencer came home from school today, I told him Nana has pneumonia but they are not keeping her at the hospital, she will have yucky medicines and will come home and rest for a few days-- it was NOTHING I could do to stop him from going to her. Since she wasn't feverish/not contagious, I let him go to her house. He HAD to see her. We had dinner with her and poor Nana could barely eat because Spencer was loving all over her the entire time. But she never complained, of course :-)


Gena said...

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. This weather is crazy. We need some rain to wash all these germs away. Steven went today for the same mess so we started his nebs and asthma meds. Take care of the lil ones and tell your mom hope she feels better.

LesleMora said...

That is so incredibly sweet! I hope she is feeling better quickly.

Kim said...

I LOVE how close Spencer is to his Nana and Boppa and what a good heart he has. He is a compassionate little bear! Hope Brenda is feeling better soon.